Although the PaperTigers site and blog are no longer being updated,
they offer a rich archive.

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A Pacifice Rim Voices Project
PaperTigers is a website, blog, and outreach program centered on multicultural young readers' books and reading as ways of fostering empathy, understanding, and peace.

The colorful PaperTigers Website highlights the world of young readers’ books. It features multicultural books in English from anywhere in the world, with a particular focus on the Pacific Rim and South Asia.

In addition to interviews with authors and illustrators and a rich Illustrators’ Gallery, the website offers a wealth of articles, book reviews, reading lists, and many other book-related resources.

This website will be helpful to anyone interested in the world of children’s and YA books.


On the PaperTigers Blog
content for our website is unpacked and further expanded.

The blog also provides news and views on multicultural and international books, and world literacy; recommended readalouds; a monthly calendar of children’s literature events, and more.

Come and join our ongoing conversation and share your views and favorite books with us - we look forward to meeting you!


Our Waterbridge Outreach project seeks to further our goal of fostering empathy, understanding and peace. It focuses on books and water as ways of promoting literacy, education and development.

Through this project, PaperTigers donates specially selected new books to schools and libraries in different parts of the world. We also engage with local communities in areas of need to provide access to clean water.

Without the basics of life, what hope will children have for the future? Thus our Outreach motto: "Through Books and Water, Education and Development."