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Talisay School

TALISAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ~ Agusan del Norte, Philippines

Talisay Elementary School is located in a barrio in Barangay Talisay, Municipality of Nasipit, Province of Agusan del Norte in the Northern Mindanao Area of the Philippines. A significant number of students have parents who are unemployed; a main area of employment for fathers is as porters carrying the luggage of ship passengers at the local pier. The school's mission is to provide "the best quality education to everyone who enters the gates." Visit the school's Facebook page.


Feedback submitted by Brenda C. Abao:

When my pupils saw the pictures in the books, they were so attracted with the color presentation. Some laughed at the illustrations. Most of them enjoyed best the story Biblioburro.

In my English class, I got some words from each of the three stories then used them as spelling words for the week. To encourage those who aren’t interested in reading, I wrote the title of the story on a piece of paper then had my pupils write their names below the title if they had read the story.

The Spirit of PaperTigers books you sent me were a big help in my class especially during the “DEAR” (Drop Everything And Read) period. The students took turns reading since I had 29 pupils and there were only 15 books. They felt for the children in the countries mentioned in the stories but they couldn’t search for more about these countries since only a few of them have access to the internet.

After all of my pupils were able to read the 3 stories, I discussed each story with the whole class. One pupil commented that they were so lucky since their schools are not made of mud and that they do not need to build their school every year. That’s after we talked about the story Rain School.

For me, it’s better if there are more different books and fewer copies of each because children have different choices when it comes to stories. What is exciting for one may not be equally exciting to another. At least, they would have many choices when there are many different books to choose from.


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Feedback from students in Grade V-Simbulawan submitted by Brenda C. Abao:

F.E.P.D.: One Hen is a story that inspired me to study harder so that I can have a good work in the future. Even though Kojo was raise in a different way, there are many pleasant attitudes in him that’s why I want to be just like him. Having confidence in one’s self is a good attitude. So I’ll bear in my mind that sacrifice and hardship are one of the best ways to make our dreams come true. That’s what I learn in the story.

J.M.C.C.: I like the story First Come the Zebra because the boys had a beautiful story of their friendship. Even if they were not friends at first but they save the baby and in the end they became friends because of the baby also. I am also happy that they played mancala, too.

The story about One Hen is so very beautiful. I learned many things about it. Someday I want to be like Kojo because I was inspired by his life. I want also to have many hens and they will become so many and that the eggs of the hens I will sell. And when I have so much money I will buy farms and make poultry. Also, when I have so much money I will give part of it to children who cannot go to school and also to some schools who do not have enough money. And those people also who live on the streets I will give them houses to live. That’s why I want the story One Hen. If I can save money to buy a hen I will do that.

M.C.G.B.: The story One Hen is the story that I really like much because it inspired me and most of my classmates. I want to be Kojo someday because I want to have my own business and if I will fail I will not surrender. As a saying goes,“Try and try and never surrender.”

The story First Come the Zebra is also the one I like because it is about friendship and the two culture. It is nice to have many friends because if you will have a problem that you couldn’t solve, there are friends that will advise you what to do. That’s how nice to have many friends. And if you have an enemy in your neighborhood, just give them a chance so that you can win them as friends. That’s why chances are very important.

N.T.R.: I like the story One Hen because it gives me example of all the families in one province who are helping each other. And it makes me brave that I can make myself fight my shyness. At first when my teacher, Ms. Brenda C. Abao, started to read the story I wonder what might be the story about and I became very excited to hear about it. I love the story One Hen and I learned how a small money make a big difference and in one province all the people work together.


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