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Laguna Bel Air School

LAGUNA BELAIR SCHOOL ~ Santa Rosa City, Philippines


Feedback submitted by Ms. Vin Del Rosario, Head Librarian:.

I am pleased to inform you of our on-going library reading program using the PaperTigers books you have donated to our school. This reading program involves the students from 2nd grade to 6th grade.

I initiated the PaperTigers reading program to create an avenue to encourage our students to read the books in a fun way. It is also the library’s way of helping the English subject teachers to get feedback on the PaperTigers books.

This reading program is a class effort. It encourages class participation. The more these students read in a class, the faster they can reach their reading goal. Reading points were assigned to different PaperTigers books. Class advisers and Reading teachers encourage students to participate in the reading program.

Students' feedback on the books can be read here. Teachers' feedback can be read here. The school's Academic Team Head and Institutional Values Formation Program Head, Mr. Romel Obinario's feedback is posted here.

The students visit the library to read the PaperTigers books during their snacks and lunch break. After reading a book, the student is given a “book completion form”, which is a small piece of paper with two or three questions about the book. Students earn points for each form they complete and are awarded a “mini book certificate”.

Originally, I had intended to run the reading program up to November 2012. However, due to the overwhelming responses of the students, we completed it by the end of September!.

For our teachers, you will be pleased to know that our Academic Team Head has given the instruction that each one must choose a PaperTigers book for integration in their lessons within this school year.

On behalf of Ms. Mercy, our Director, and Ms. Michelle, our Principal, I'd like to express our gratitude for the ballpens, stickers and bookmarks PaperTigers sent us. We received the package early this week and the prizes will surely excite our students to read more Paper Tigers books.

Attached are pictures of the prizes, together with the certificates that we will distribute to the winners on Monday, November 26. Here is a video that documents the reading program.

Happy 10th anniversary to Paper Tigers: Books+Water!

Note: Ms. Del Rosario also wrote a Personal Views article for us entitled Feedback on PaperTigers: Books + Water Book Sets. Click here to read it.

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2010 Book Set

One Hen

KMS, Grade 3: I like Kojo because he wanted to save money for their needs.

AA, Grade 3: My favorite character is Kojo because he worked very hard for the chicken just to sell the eggs.

EA, Grade 3: I like the illustrations because they’re all very, very creative.

EMC, Grade 4: My life is good and I can afford going to school, while Kojo cannot go to school.

AFT, Grade 4: My favorite drawing is that of the hen because it looks very realistic.

The Storyteller’s Candle

MBM, Grade 3: This is such a great and wonderful story.

LJV, Grade 4: The illustrations are nice.

ASG, Grade 4: We’re all people and we can talk, but the difference is I don’t speak Spanish.

Planting the Trees of Kenya

CM, Grade 4: The part I like most is when Ken goes to school because I love going to school.

RLN, Grade 4: I disliked most the part when the rains came because the trees got destroyed.

KY, Grade 4: I recommend this book because it shows concern for our mother earth and nature. It shows us how to protect and plant trees, so that we can help the environment.

Little Leap Forward: A Boy in Beijing

EZ, Grade 5: This story teaches others to appreciate what they have.

MAC, Grade 5: This book is fantastic and really awesome.

WK, Grade 5: The flow and content of the story made me hungry to read more.

AJ, Grade 5: I will recommend this book to my Korean friends because the story is exciting and wonderful. They will like this so much. I don’t read English novels, but I read this one because it’s fun.

OEP, Grade 5: I liked the chapter ‘Little Cloud’ because that was the time when Little Leap Forward found a yellow bird which he named Little Cloud and kept it as a pet.

MZM, Grade 5: My favorite part is when Little Leap Forward’s father told him that ‘With your music and your imagination, you can travel anywhere; you will always be free’ because it’s very inspiring and also because I’m a musician, too.

CM, Grade 5: My favorite illustration is when Little Little and Little Leap Forward are lying down on the riverbank. It shows that both of them are free and are best friends. When I do what both of them are doing, I will focus on the sky and realize that I still have to do many things before I reach heaven.

JP, Grade 5: My favorite illustration is when they are playing kites. It is fun, and it shows a lot of expressions and emotions. It is colorful, too.

PGC, Grade 6: This book is full of inspiration. It helps other people to believe in themselves and not give up.

DS, Grade 5: The story is very inspiring and interesting. The readers can really connect to it.

PJS, Grade 6: This book is full of inspiration and is fun to read. It has many meanings.

MJdJ, Grade 6: I think it’s nice to learn other people’s culture in other countries.

AJA, Grade 6: I really like Little Leap Forward because he is kind to his family, friends, pet bird (Little Cloud), and most especially to Blue. He did everything just to let Little Cloud sing. He even let go of her just to be happy and to sing. I will always remember these words from Little Leap Forward: "Wouldn’t you rather be free, just for a day, than spend a lifetime in a cage?".

FMM, Grade 6: I disliked the chapter ‘Red Guard’ because Little Leap Forward’s mother got tortured by the soldiers. I don’t want that to happen to my mother because she cares for me a lot.

IPB, Grade 6: Little Leap Forward and I value the simple way of life.

VAdR, Grade 6: My favorite chapter is ‘Autumn Song’ because it shows that Little Leap Forward finally gets his wish: to play the flute along with Little Cloud. He played the bamboo flute by just letting the music out from his heart, which for me is the most beautiful music of all.

KE, Grade 6: I like Blue because I imagine how beautiful she is with her long braided hair and red silk ribbons.


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